Latest progress shot. Glossy paint begins to pay off.

Update! Sadly This site has closed, but...

This site was hosted on an expensive "do it yourself" content management system. The service was excellent but I can't justify the costs. Thus, I've ripped the site content and dumped it here as a cheap alternative.

Consequently, some of the links and comments may no longer work but most of the content should still be here for you to enjoy...

I appreciate all your feedback, keep on building and enjoying the hobby.

I recommend you visit and check out the forum for the latest info on these type of builds.

My build is found here:

Kind Regards,

Daniel Potter.


Pin'aColada - Visual Pinball Cabinet Project

This site is dedicated to the building of my visual pinball cabinet. I hope to share the experience and then ultimately help others who are looking to do the same thing.

Project Log and Guides

Follow my Project Log to see the steps I've taken to build this project. Also check out the Guides as I look at areas in detail that I hope will help reduce pain from experience gained.