About PinaColada and Me

What is a visual pinball cabinet anyway?

Visual pinball is a sofware simulation of real pinball. Recent developments in the genre have allowed fullscreen fixed view of the playfield (90 degrees rotated) so that a wide screen display can mimick the playfield of a real machine. Typically software simulations of pinball feature scrolling views of the table to fit it all on screen, however this full screen feature allows you to see the entire playfield at one set angle which is perfect for a visual pinball cabinet. In addition the back glass can be displayed on a second monitor.

There are two main providers of free simulation software (MS Windows supported) that support such a display (visual pinball, and future pinball). You can even create your own tables with these softwares or use many of the available community tables already built. The software allows you to replicate many of the favourite real pinball machines out there. There is also a free software front end (Hyperpin) that provides a convenient and easy interface for accessing and loading tables for cabinet builders. Check out www.hyperspin-fe.com for more information on the software and getting started. You don't need a cabinet to enjoy this now and a modern Windows based computer will run it.

The visual pinball cabinet is simply a glorfied computer case with one big monitor for the playfield and a secondary monitor for the backglass and DMD (the dot matrix display / scoreboard). The project is combining the computer, software and cabinet into a fully functional pinball simulator. The software is free and the computer hardware is all fairly standard. The cabinet buttons and interface are easily aquired from sources such as pinball spare part and MAME cabinet retailers. (The MAME cabinet phenomenon simulates old arcade machines and has been a popular hobby for a while). With a little tinkering and some basic wood working you too can build a visual pinball cabinet.

Who are you?

I'm just one of many hobbiests building these toys. I found the visual pinball cabinet a relatively new hobby and hoped to share my findings to help others who want to get into this. I'm in no way an expert in the scene and relatively a new comer.

Please see www.danielpotter.com for about me information.