Cabinet Parts Guide

Getting all the parts for this project is half the battle. This guide shows what you'll need.

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A real pinball plunger you can modify for your cabinet.

Cabinet Parts Guide

Selecting and then gathering all the parts for a project like this is complicated. To save you some time here is a list of the essential items for a visual pinball cabinet build. There are of course variations to these but for the most part you'll find what you need in this guide.


Every visual pinball cabinet project I've seen is different. The parts I'm showing here are for my specifications only. You'll be able to use common sense to make adjustments to your particular needs.

I am not covering the tools or cost of tools you need in this guide and make recommendations for a 2 screen configuration.

How Easy is this?

Sourcing parts for the most part is easy. This depends on your location and comfortability with shopping online.

What do I need?

There are many places to source your cabinet parts. I'll give some examples but mostly you'll be shopping online. So you'll need a credit card in most cases.

All the parts I'm showing are brand new, some are optional. At the time of this article you can expect to pay anywhere between $2000-$3500 (AUD) for everything (not including tools) you need. A lot of the money is sunk into the TV screen and computer so it sounds like a lot but with some creative thinking you'll be able to save here. Getting this project under $2k would be really difficult with new parts - good luck though!


  1. Tell your wife / spouce / parents that a pinball machine is your long life dream, that you can't live without a visual pinball cabinet.
  2. Explain that a visual pinball machine is a cheaper option in the long run over buying and maintaining real machines.
  3. Explain that a project like this is good for your creative mind and mental health.
  4. Get a credit card and rationalise the project in your own mind, remember if you believe it's essential then it really is.
  5. Buy flowers, chocolates, or promise babysitting - what ever it takes.

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