Cabinet Parts Guide

Getting all the parts for this project is half the battle. This guide shows what you'll need.

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Step 1 - Screens

The first and most obvious items to purchase are the screens. My suggestions are to fit a standard sized cabinet (not widebody).

Playfield Monitor

The playfield monitor is where all the action happens. The actual simulated pinball table is displayed here. For my design you will remove the plastic bezel. Be sure to check out the guide on that to see how easy this is.

TV - 37inch LCD 1080p

Desired Features

  • LCD TV, 1080p Model
  • 37 inch
  • 1:1 Pixel Mapping
  • DVI / HDMI connection

Other Options

  • 720p to save money
  • 32 inch to save money
  • 40 - 46inch models are possible but you will need a wider cabinet and lockdown bar.

Where to Buy?

Shop arround, you can get great deals on exdemo stock and even ebay. You'll likely be voiding your warranty by removing the bezel so it's not really a concern where you buy it. Just don't skimp on quality and see my project log for more information.

Backglass Monitor

The backglass monitor displays the DMD (the animated scoreboard) and backglass artwork for the particular table you're playing at the time. It is placed rotated vertically in the backbox to achieve this and the software splits the art up top and dmd at the bottom. This leaves some space around the monitor for you to add your own printed art theme. However, it is possible to fill the entire backglass area by using two seperate monitors, one for the backglass art and a second dedicated to the DMD which is sunk into the main cabinet. For PinaColada only one backglass monitor was used.

A 22 inch LCD monitor makes a good economical choice that can be used for both the backglass image and DMD when rotated vertically.

Desired Features

  • 16:10 ratio
  • 22inch
  • DVI / HDMI connection

Other Options

  • 4:3 ratio (a good choice for creating a wider backglass image)
  • 16:9 ratio (less desirable but cheaper, creates a narrower image)
  • Up to 32 inch TVs can be used for the backglass (using the full screen of the backbox and 3rd monitor dedicated to the DMD - this is more complicated setup which you can see on the forums).

Where to Buy?

Any computer store usually stock these.

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