Cabinet Parts Guide

Getting all the parts for this project is half the battle. This guide shows what you'll need.

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Step 5 - Other Bits

Cabinet Fans

Essential to keep the cabinet cool, a decased LCD TV and computer can get hot in there. I suggest installing at least two at the bottom of the cabinet to draw air in and two at the rear top as exhaust. The filter and grills shown make for a tidy apperance.

Filter (left), Fan (middle), Grill (right)

Desired Features

  • 4 x 120mm Fans 
  • 4 x filters
  • 4 x grills

Where to Buy?

You can purchase the fans at your local computer shop. The fan filters and grills I found at an electronics store.

Backbox Speakers

The software typically outputs two kinds of sound, one to simulate the bumps and bangs of the pinball table and the other from the pinball software itself such as music. These are as much about asthetics as they are to adding some oomph to the gameplay! You don't need to go over board as typical pinball software quality (which is now emulated) was very low.

Car speakers do the job nicely.

A misconception is that you need a car amp to power these. Simply cut your pc speakers and attach and these instead and you'll get adequate sound.

Desired Features

  • 4 inch car speakers
  • 2 way

Where to Buy?

You can purchase the speakers from any car audio specialist or most hifi places.

Cabinet Speakers

Some computer speakers (i.e. logitech or similar) can be used to amplify the back box speakers and provide some bass within the cabinet itself. If you can locate a 4.1 system, you can simply wire the backbox speakers to this setup as the rears. Works really well as the amplification is ample for both.

Desired Features

  • Subwoofer
  • 2.1 or 4.1

Where to Buy?

You can purchase these speakers from any computer retailer.


You need a computer to run visual pinball, who would've thought? You can either build this yourself as part of the cabinet or simply place a preassembled case inside. Depending on how you want to do it, the end result should be the same.

Some beefy pc parts should keep you future proof for a while yet!

The computer to run the software is your choice. However as a guide you will want to run a fairly recent machine with a modern NVIDIA graphics card of at least 512MB ram. (ATI have compatibility issues with this software at the moment).

There are loads of sites and tutorials on building a computer already out there so I won't be covering that here.

For full specifications read up on the simulation software requirements. As expected anything computer related will become fast outdated so ensure you read up on the forums to ensure what you are getting is going to work. At the time of this article a fairly decent PC was required to run this cabinet effectively.

Where to Buy?

Your local computer shop should do the trick.


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