DMD Art Guide

DMD Art is easy to make and convert. Download the Action set for photoshop here:

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Convert your images into an authentic pinball DMD styled image.

Creating DMD Art Guide

When it comes to customising your visual pinball cabinet it's a really nice touch to add some custom DMD art on the desktop, or within the Hyperpin menu screens. This guide quickly explains how to use Photoshop and my custom action set to do this.

How Easy is this?

Provided you have access to Photoshop and know how to resize your images you should be right! I have made an Action set for you so that you can automate all the steps to achieve a good DMD styled image. If you're new to actions, think of them as an automated script that carries out a series of tasks for you. The added benefit is you can batch this task on several images at once using photoshop's batch tool. (Useful if you want to convert an animation into a dot-mation!)

What do I need?

  • Photoshop. ( I am using version CS3 and have not tested this on earlier versions. However, it should work and if not you can simulate the effect manually easily.)
  • PinaColada DMD V1 Action Set


The first step is to download the Action set. Then follow the Install.txt instructions for getting this into Photoshop. It's really very easy. Let's take a look.

Step 1 - Setup »