DMD Art Guide

DMD Art is easy to make and convert. Download the Action set for photoshop here:

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Step 1 - Setup

Install the Action Set into Photoshop

Photoshop has a neat way of recording tasks. Download and install the action set. You simply load the actions into your Photoshop action panel and then press play to run them.

(For detail on the install process see the included install.txt file).

Once you've loaded the actions into Photoshop make sure you run the setup action first (follow the instructions and you're ready to go).

Unzip the package and use photoshop to open the PC_DMD-v1.atn file

In the Action panel find the Action and run the SETUP action first.

Select a color that you want the brightest dot to appear.With that Setup process complete you are ready to begin converting your images.

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