Artwork & Theme

It's almost becoming tradition now that you must name your visual pinball cabinet! I really respect those who do something different and don't just copy everyone else. So I wanted to make sure mine was unique also.

So many good names are out there (Pinball Tales, Hyperpin, etc) so I've gone with Pin'aColada. A play on the popular tropical cocktail (Pineapple strained). Hey - ok it's far fetched, but it has the word Pin in there, and besides - I love the tropics!

Hyperpin is the software I'll be running as a Front End for this cabinet so I'm trying not to rip BadBoyBill's design off too closely but keep some sort of consistency with the software (bright and exciting colours!)

Building a Theme (Pin'aColada)

Ok so I'm not sure what a pinball cocktail would taste like but we can all dream that it's more tasty than it sounds. (and no, I'm not a mechanical overlord with a morbid taste for metal).

Pinball by it's very nature has always been surrounded by Popular Art. The cabinets are covered in it, the playfields are covered in it, and the theme of the table always lends it self to high impact images.

So tropical paradise, cocktails, and appealing characters are high on the agenda for my theme.

I happen to be lucky enough to have a friend at Disney Studios in Burbank LA. He's always been free with advice and mentors me in my artistic projects. So thanks Joe for your input on this!

The Logo

I've started with the logo and here it is on a sample side art. It's a work in progress and the imagery is a mix of my creation and purchased stock images. Hopefully you think it meets what I'm setting out to achieve.

In progress side art. Click to see larger version.


A good mate who I've met through the online community is pushing me to add characters to the design which I'm definitely going to do. (Thanks Tim for that nudge). To start (and with assistance of 'Disney' Joe who helped improved my original design 100x) here is a rough sketch of a monkey character that will be offering a large Pin'aColada cocktail full of shiny pinballs on a platter. I'm not sure on the final location of these characters yet as I actually like the simplicity of the current side art design.

I'm thinking the sky will fade to a starlit backdrop as you travel up the cabinet to the backbox with sparks from a fire and maybe some hoola girls and other characters too. We'll have to wait and see.

Rough sketch of a waiter monkey with his tray and cocktail.



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