Quick Router Table Guide

A router table makes things all that more easier when doing detailed work. This guide shows you how to make a quick and very cheap router table.

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Step 1 - Getting Started

What Router to buy?

You can pick up a decent plunge router for not much more than $130 AU. (I grabbed a cheap bosch 1200 Watt model which has been great!) While a plunge router isn't really the choice for router tables, you may find in the long run it's a more versatile tool! The difficulty is that plunge routers are tricky to set the depth of cut due to the strength of springs. Not a problem normally but reaching under your table and setting the height against that pressue is kind of tricky. If you can get a router that allows some sort of twisting depth setting then great. Mine doesn't have this but I managed by reaching around the base of the table and pulling the router up with some pressure.

The Baseboard

I used a spare piece of 16mm MDF for the table base. You want this to be roughly as deep as it is wide. About 600mm square should do it. Because we're clamping this on to a bench (or whatever you have handy) you need to counter balance the weight of the router. It's cheap and effective. Just make sure the piece is perfecty flat.

To begin get your spade bit and drill out a hole in the centre of the piece. This will form the hole where the router bit is exposed. The hole should be rougly 1.5 inches wide (approx 32mm) to easily fit router bits suitable for this project (adjust accordingly if needed).

MDF makes a lot of mess. Make sure you wear the right protective gear as MDF dust is bad for your health.

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