Quick Router Table Guide

A router table makes things all that more easier when doing detailed work. This guide shows you how to make a quick and very cheap router table.

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Step 2 - Mounting

The Nuts and Bolts of it

Next we're going to drill the recess for the nuts. First take your router and place it on the baseboard. Be sure to center your router bit to the exposed hole, then pencil mark the position of the bolts in the base where it needs to be attached.

Flip the board over and recess the holes first with a spade slightly wider than the nuts you are going to insert there. The dept of the recess needs to be adequate so that the nuts are not exposed when tightened. Once you've recessed the holes drill the remaining depth with the diameter of the bolt. You should get something like this...

The nuts will fit into the recessed holes.Now sand flat any flakes from the drilling on the surface - you will want to make it as flat as possible as to not interfear with any passing work pieces.

Next simply flip the board over again and lineup your router, insert the bolts and then fasten the nuts on the other side. It's really important that you get a super tight fit (don't over do it) but the router need to be "as one" with the router table. This harmony will save you frustration later. Good idea to check that this is always the case when actually making your routes as nuts can loosen!

Insert the bolts like so. Pretty simple, then reach under and screw on the nuts.

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