LCD TV Bezel Removal Guide

The TV Bezel is the surrounding plastics that support the panel and is for asthetic purposes. This guide shows the steps for removing the bezel.

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A 'naked' Samsung Series 5 37inch (LA37B530)

LCD TV Bezel removal Guide

If you followed my project journal you'll see (with good reason) why I wanted to remove the large plastic surrounding bezel on the 37 inch LCD TV I used for my pinball playfield. However, some people will see this as a calculated and risky move. My hope is to give you confidence that this is in fact a relatively easy task.


Removing your bezel will void your warranty. Manufacturers can tell if you try and reattach it, also I cannot guarantee that the process shown here will be the same for your TV model - so if you do attempt this - you do it at your own risk!

Also you are exposing yourself to electrical circuitry designed to be insulated by the bezel. Be careful not to touch any of the exposed wiring as the components can hold a dangerous charge even when powered down.

How Easy is this?

Can you operate a screwdriver? Well then, congratulations - you can de-bezel your TV!

Assuming your TV is similar to mine this is a simple task. You must take some careful and common sense precautions but overall you'll have your bezel removed within 30 minutes.

As mentioned in the disclaimer you are exposing yourself to electrical circuits that can actually pack a punch! The invertors so I'm told can still hold a nasty charge even when the monitor is powered down. Thanks to oooPlayer1ooo over at who pointed this out! That said common sense and just avoiding those areas is really easy to do. Just be careful!

What do I need?

  • LCD TV (of course).
  • Flat surface.
  • Screwdriver set. (Philips head for my particular unit).
  • Spare set of hands would be useful.


The first step is to ensure you have a clean environment and something to rest your TV on. I opted for a spare mattress which I hung over a desk. This helped me avoid putting pressure down on the display itself.

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