LCD TV Bezel Removal Guide

The TV Bezel is the surrounding plastics that support the panel and is for asthetic purposes. This guide shows the steps for removing the bezel.

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Step 1 - The TV

In this guide I'm debezeling a Samsung 37inch LCD TV.

"Hold on a second? You're going to ruin a beautiful TV like this to put it in a game machine?"

Yes! and no I'm not ruining it, but improving it! The equation is something like this:

TV + Pinball > TV.

Now, moving on... the exact model is shown here:

2009 Model | Samsung Series 5 37inch (LA37B530)

Ok, you want to begin by placing your TV down on a secure surface. I was worried about putting any pressure on the display itself and as you really need to lay this down on its face for easy access, then a firm mattress is probably ideal.

TV placed on a thin mattress, which is placed on top of my desk.

You'll notice that the stand is attached to this TV. I bought an ex demo model so if you're buying this new - don't attach it! To remove the stand simply unclip, unscrew it the same way you attached it. Your user manual will probably have detail on how it's assembled if you forget. For me, it was simply unscrewing where the assembly joins the TV. A lot of weight is in the stand because it's designed to keep the TV firmly affixed to the ground / counter top - so it's a good thing we loose it!

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