LCD TV Bezel Removal Guide

The TV Bezel is the surrounding plastics that support the panel and is for asthetic purposes. This guide shows the steps for removing the bezel.

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Step 2 - Back Off!

Ok, so the TV's in position and you have your handy dandy screwdriver! Let's get on with removing the back of the panel.

Grounding yourself

Just a word of warning on static electricity before we start. While I'm fairly lazy here and only ground myself by touching the nearby computer case it's probably good advice to wear one of those anti-static wrist bands when exposing the back of the panel. There are some circuit boards in there that you would not want to be zapping with your pent up powers. If you're too lazy like me just be really careful not to touch or get too close to any of the circuit chips.

Remove Those Screws

The next step is obvious. Unscrew everything that looks vaguely like it is holding the back of the TV onto the display. Be careful though, there's quite a few screws to remove here. The most obvious ones are in the corners and then less obvious towards the middle.

A Phillips head screwdriver makes short work of these.There's more screws than you probably first think!

Loosen and Remove The Back Panel

Once you think you have all the screws removed carefully lift the back of the TV up and away from the front of the panel. In my giddy excitement I missed a couple of screws the first time around, so it should become painfully obvious to you if something is still holding the back down.

However, you will need some small amount of pressure to loosen the back from the seal. Gently try and loosen the panel from all sides before pulling it up. Be careful now, you don't want to damage any of the interface panels within it! (That said it's really not that difficult.)

Back cover removed. There's not much to these units hey? Gotta love how they just tape stuff down.Don't Remove the internal Stand Bracket

Between the speakers at the base of the TV is a metal bracket which helps support the stand when in place. I recommend you don't remove that until the very end as it serves as a good handle for when we remove the panel later from the front bezel. This may vary on other models however.

Don't remove this bracket yet, it serves as a good handle later as shown.

Unscrew The Panel From The Front Bezel

Several screws and brackets are holding the actual display panel to the front bezel. Locate the screws and remove them ready for separating the panel later.

In each corner there are some screws to be removed.Several smaller brackets hold the panel in place.

Remove all of these.With all the screws loose you should now be able to lift the panel free from the front bezel but before doing that we need to disconnect the speakers, buttons and IR sensor from the bezel also. Moving onto the next step...

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