LCD TV Bezel Removal Guide

The TV Bezel is the surrounding plastics that support the panel and is for asthetic purposes. This guide shows the steps for removing the bezel.

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Step 3 - Connections

Disconnect Speakers

Running from each speaker (identified below) is a cable that connects to the IO circuit board.

Follow the cable to the speakers to make sure you have the right one!You can remove the cable easily by pressing the latch and pulling it free from the board.

Easy eh? Look at that quality red paint mark from the manufacturing.

Yep, this is the right one!The speakers are actually mounted to the front of the panel. They should stay attached when we lift the panel away from the bezel in the later step.

Control Buttons & Infrared Sensor

Running along the side of this TV are the power and volume controls. Just around the corner from those is the remote control sensor on the bottom of the panel. These are all connected via the same wiring. We want to keep all this intact! We'll need the power button and potentially infrared sensor for turning the TV on and off should we want to not use the mains power switch. (Most TV models will remember their input and power state though). Anyway disconnecting them will probably render the TV useless so don't!

Bottom corner of the TV.

The sensor panel is very tiny and held in place by a screw. The control buttons are locked into position between the actual panel and front bezel. You can remove the screw and the sensor panel will come free.

It's free but still attached to the button panel so don't pull too hard.

Lifting The Panel and Removing The Buttons and IR Sensor

To remove the control buttons we're going to lift the panel from the front bezel. If you haven't already be sure that all the screws and small brackets holding the panel to the front bezel were removed as shown in the earlier step. Using the stand bracket as a handle you can gently lift the panel free and carefully remove the small control button panel. It just clips out and can then be taped to the back of the TV along with the sensor panel.

1. Use the bracket to gently lift the panel, freeing the buttons. It should come free fairly easily provided there are no screws left holding it down.2. With the panel still lifted, use your other hand to loosen the button panel.3. Gently pull the connected components out.

4. Place them on top and then lower the panel back down.

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