LCD TV Bezel Removal Guide

The TV Bezel is the surrounding plastics that support the panel and is for asthetic purposes. This guide shows the steps for removing the bezel.

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Step 4 - Free at Last

1,2,3 Lift!

Ok we're almost there! I would recommend you get someone to help here. My brother in-law was around and came in handy (thanks for the photo's bro).

The first thing you need to do is double check all the screws and brackets are removed. You may have been able to lift one corner of the panel up but did you check all areas? Once you are certain the panel is free lift the panel up leaving the front bezel on your work surface. It's a good idea to tape the IR sensor and button controls to the panel to make sure they don't get caught as you lift it up. Also watch that the speaker connection is completely out of the way.

The attached bracket we used previously also comes in handy here. Apply the most upward pressure on it, then work your hands underneath the panel (careful not to put pressure on the display itself just the outer frame) and lift it free from the bezel. You may need to pull the bezel down to get it completely unclipped (your assistant is valuable here).

Now move the bezel out of the way and place the panel back on the work surface in the same orientation.

Bezel be gone! Note how the speakers are attached to the front bezel.

Remove The Final Bracket

Now you can remove that final bracket! Pretty simple, just remove the remaining screws and remove it.

There's screws on the side for this also.

Should just pull away.

Ta da! We're done.

Probably a good idea to test that the thing still works now. But seriously I haven't heard of anyone messing this up yet so I really hope that this guide has helped reduced any fear you may have had about taking the bezel off. It's not at all complicated and I'm fairly confident you can do it too. See my disclaimer though at the beginning of this article - haha!

Just one last thing - when testing the power and any cables be careful with the connections. My TV's connections are on the back of the panel, and so now I need to support the TV with other means so that the cables don't bend or pull at the circuit board. You probably have figured this out yourself but just be very careful when you do connect things!

Back of the bezel free TV.

Ding ding ding! I can just hear those pinball bells now.

I hope you've enjoyed this guide. Check out the Project Log for more information on building a Visual Pinball Cabinet.

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Thanx for sharing , im in melb and im going to do a VP machine also .

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